The basic elements of a dictatorship are known to all of us. However, we seem to forget them, we seem to be oblivious of them when imposed on us and forced upon us. Such is the power of MME, which are bribed to be quiet on the matter, such is the power of money which is paid for the dictatorship to flourish, such is the political collaboration and of course all the above do work when assisted and forced with military might.


A. The monetary issue was an issue. It is not any more. Nearly all EU member states have been enslaved in debt, in loans and such economic disasters that they cannot doubt, nor resist anything the dictators of Brussels=Berlin demand of them. On top of that economic calamity brought upon all of them by plan and plan and the Germans, the masterminds of it brought in the EURO to deny any possible escape from their clutches. Thus one part of the dictatorship over Europe is in place. ECONOMIC DICTATORSHIP IS IN NO DOUBT. IT IS GOVERNING EUROPEAN UNION OF 26 AS GERMANY DECIDES WHAT IS WHAT AND WHO GETS WHAT. THERE IS TOTAL ECONOMIC ASPHYXIATION.


B. Political dictatorship is attempted from Brussels but the stooges of the Germans there are so incompetent they cannot control the member states to obey and submit totally to what these idiots order them to do, which essentially is what the Germans order them to do. Now they are trying this the other and the other but they cannot hide what they have already done as a totalitarian union in Greece and many other countries in Europe, when they sensed their political union was in danger.

Thus the Greek NO to EU was turned round as a YES and total capitulation but…. The BRITISH BREXIT they could not stop even thought they have been trying for five years now. Even at this stage they do not ratify the deal because they expect something to happen in UK and the referendum is turned round dictatorially like it happened in many Referenda in EU countries before.

C. However, in spite of the first two basic components of a Dictatorship nearly fully in place and control, there is one basic element that is not in place and hopefully it will never become reality even though billions are wasted on it.

An EU ARMY. Europe will become a German military camp if they ever manage to create an EU army. That they will finance, they will control and will order to invade at will of Germany, will order to wage war and we know what the Germans do with armies. Once Germany is armed, European army this time, they will turn against the enemies which now are Britain and then Russia. It never changes, it is always the same and it will happen once again if their bribed collaborators of Europe sell their souls to the devil and create this army for Germany.

Thus their dictatorship is toothless because they cannot force UK to surrender to their economic hegemony over Europe, they cannot force Russia to surrender because Russia is always Russia and the nation that stands up against them all the time. I take comfort from the lack of EU army but I am worried that EU are a stealthy establishment working in the shadows and creating Fait Accompli that will bring Europe not just under the German economic and political boot but military boot too. The signs are there, the war on Britain is on because of Brexit and who knows what these fanatics and fascists of Europe will do in order to enslave Europe totally. 

Peter Constant