Many readers will accuse me of bias. Many more will accuse me of anti-European union stance and political beliefs. Many will accuse me of being anti-German and anti-French. That is their prerogative but that in my eyes changes nothing about what I think and what I believe and I see as happening right now in this concoction of Germany and France.

The total collapse of faith in this union of Germany and France has already happened and the new incredible spasmotic events strengthen the weight that will force total collapse. The two leaders of this dictatorial union Merkel and Macron have made so many mistakes that it is a miracle they are still leading their countries and the European Union. EURO was the first fundamental mistake that led most Eurozone members to bankruptcy, except Germany.



Firstly they punished Greece for whatever reasons to such an extend that instead of gaining weight and positive feelings from around Europe, they got the opposite. Such was the punishment of the Greeks that the repercussions were felt immediately after with Brexit.

Secondly, Brexit would have had a much more difficult task to succeed if the ztars of Brussels and Berlin=Paris followed a different path to the minor demands Britain was asking EU to assist it with. Being wrong in all their assumptions, all their polemics, Brexit has happened and they are still in denial and acting like a war enemy.

Thirdly, the opening of the gates of Europe to anybody wishing to come, the open invitation to every dick and Harry is already creating chaos all over European Union as the union was never ready to accept such numbers of migrants, legal or illegal, because Merkel and Germany decided so. Macron obliged his master Merkel and the mess all over the continent cannot be hidden any more. FRrom Greece to Italy, spain and France, Germany and Britain the issues are multiplying daily. Dont blame Brexit nor the Greeks , German masters.

Fourth, the secretive, stealthy ways of EU have now been exposed to such a degree that people see the light and they not only do not trust the bureaucrats and their masters in Berlin and Paris but more than that despise their actions.


Fifth and final, the latest debacle of the Astrazeneca vaccine relating to its efficacy and Northern Ireland.

The spiteful Germans and their stooges French are now in freefall in the eyes of the citizens of Europe and especially the Brits and Irish. They see that this union is not a democracy but a total dictatorship of one nation Germany, their collaborator France over the others. No sooner the Germans condemn the vaccine as inefficacious than Macron like a parrot repeats the same. No sooner those spoke on record and the European Union on medicine authorisations accepted the vaccine as good for all ages. That inspires confidence in this union all over Europe, I suppose.

I have been a critic of this comedy called European Union and I am not stopping now. Reasons accumulate daily!!!

Peter Constant, a refugee from Cyprus since 1974