The world of now is a very weird one, with so many players exercising power, so much at stake and us people made incapable to react in any possible way, locked in our four walls.

Thus, European Union of Germany is in bankruptcy mode with Germany holding the purse for Germans only, while the rest of EU are begging for mercy. At the same time the dictators of EU are pushing forward to attract and entrap the free nations of the Balkans of Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro. Forget Turkey at the moment as they have become a rogue state under the dictator of Turkey Erdogan.

In the old days and before the expansion of EU in early 2000, people looked at EU as the only way out of poverty and instability. That is unfortunately the idea and thoughts in the above Balkan small states but….

a. EU is now in disintegration and any attempts of theirs to expand the faltering union will have no support by the big players ( France, Italy, Spain) because they want part of a pie that does not exist any more; it has all gone to Germany and Germany being Germany has only one slogan and one plan:

“Deutscland Uber Alles”

or if you wish,


b. All EU member states have surrendered their economies, democracies and FREEDOM to the bureaucrats=stooges of Germany, who run the Union for the Germans and nobody else. Covid-19 has exposed the truth about who and what is European Union and nothing the bureaucrats can do will reverse the wave of anti-EU sentiment and attitude in countries which have been left to rot by Brussels and Berlin. Hundreds of thousands have died, millions left unemployed and German masters worry only about the Germans and their economy. Europeans have woken up to reality, even staunch supporters of EU such as Varoufakis and Italian leaders.

Greece was condemned to death long ago with the Germans skinning to the bone the Greek people. Italy is gone the same way now and since the pandemic provided them with the real EU and the real Germans who run it. Add to that Spain and France and immediately you have the nucleus of dissolution and bankruptcy the bureaucrats cannot hide no matter how hard they try and how much their propaganda is trying to cover up.

Add to the above facts the biggest fact of all and the biggest reality. Britain is already out of EU dictatorship and the dictators in Brussels and Berlin are desperate to keep the milking cow in by any means to finance their failed project, which is none other than the 4th Reich of Germany.

Thus, people of the Balkans be ware of the Germans and their dictators bringing presents to you. Be ware of their thirty Silver coins that in the end have turned out to be a tone of iron ore that sank the economies of other Balkan states and turned their people into slaves of rich European economies be they Greeks, Bulgarians or Romanians.



Brussels and their stooges descent on you promising you all, riches and EU law, EU Democracy does not exist at all, it is a dictatorship of the few appointed bureaucrats and that is for what?

Money? They have not any money. They are looking to take money from anyone in the Union TO PROP UP THEIR PROJECT and have already bankrupted half of EU from Cyprus to Greece, from Italy to France, from Spain to Portugal and then the enslaved Bulgaria and Romania.

In a crisis such as this one of now, no nation, no country should trust their existence to useless and incompetent bureaucrats who have led Europe to destruction already!!!

Peter Constant