We have a Parliament where the Rogue MPS govern, where the Rogue MPs have betrayed the trust of the people and pursue an agenda of their own, which is against the wishes and the WILL of the Democratic voting of the people.

We have a second Government that has betrayed the people from the start because they never wanted a real BREXIT, they never wanted to LEAVE the EU but remain and get swamped further into that dictatorship of GERMANY, camouflaged as EUROPEAN UNION!!!!



The abolition of Democracy in Britain has happened within its own walls of the House that supposedly holds Democracy and against the actual power of Democracy, the people. When the democratic vote of the people has been distorted, has been turned and now is delivered as a sham democratic vote, then what is the difference of Democracy in UK and any dictatorial regime on the planet?

How many times have MPS, Prime Minister, Ministers, Party Leaders etc told and promised us all that

” if we vote to leave EU, we will leave”

Respect of the voters has been damped, promises have been broken and any new promises of good behaviour and respect of the people will not stick anywhere. Trust has been murdered by these same people who ask us now to TRUST them!! How can we?

Democracy means the people decide but in this nation, the parties decide they do not want an election because our WILL and VOTE will crash them and send them all to unemployment offices!!



All the political classes, all their words and their written assurances have been thrown away and the two Tory governments over the last three and a half years have brought us is a total BETRAYAL of what we voted for:

* Where is the freedom, democracy, sovereignty and independence?

* Where is Northern Ireland in this betrayal of those who negotiate BREXIT?

* Why is the ECJ still the supreme power on legal matters even though Britain leaves the EU?

* Why is our ARMY already signed and committed to be part of the EU Army?

* Why is the Fishing industry of our nation is left to the French to decide?

  • Migration has benefited our nation up to now but the flooding of this country by uncontrolled EU migrants is totally against what we voted for.
  • Why should we pay this cartel 24 billion a year now and for ever, while our country is in real need to look after its own?
  • * Where does 39 billion severance penalty come from?


Tories, ~boris and the rest of you, the sham BREXIT will not pass us the people, even if the traitors at Westminster pass it. This is a BETRAYAL, this is TREASON, that we the people once we are allowed to vote will overturn!!

Peter Constant